Agnieszka Kabut

Violoncello (Classical Music)


  • 2000-2006 University of Music, Cracow: studies in Violoncello from Zdzislaw Lapiński, Prof. Witold Herman, degree: Magister Atrium
  • 2002-2007 Vienna Conservatory: Bachelor studies Violoncello with Christoph Strandner, Martin Hornstein, degree: Bachelor of Arts
  • 2007-2010 Vienna Conservatory: Master studies Violoncello with Martin Hornstein, Joncho Bayrov, degree: Master of Arts


  • 1988-2000 Music High School/Music School Moniuszko, Bielsko-Biała, study of concert subject and instrumental pedagogy violoncello at Zdzislaw Lapiński, certificate: Abitur, music degree: Diplomabitur violoncello with distinction
  • 1999-2010 several master classes in Austria and Poland

Work Experience

  • 2003 Preparation of Prof. Herman's students for semester examinations at the Academy of Music, Cracow
  • 2006 preparation of students for diploma exams at the Academy of Music, Cracow
  • 2007 Private lessons and preparation for entrance examinations and auditions
  • seit 2012 Violoncello class and chamber music class Prayner Conservatory 
  • since 2020 lecturer at AMP

Concerts & Performances

  • 2000-2003 Young Austrian Philharmonic Orchestra (Innsbruck)
  • 2005 Summer Pacific Music Festival, Sapporo, Japan
  • 2007 Franz Schmitt Chamber Orchestra, Vienna and member of the Ensemble Wiener Klang
  • 2010 Member Junge Philharmonie Vienna
  • since 2010 member/collaboration with various chamber music ensembles
  • 2011-2012 Associate Member of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago
  • 2014 Member Vienna Classical Orchestra
  • 2016 Member Original Strauss Chapel
  • 2019 Synchon Stage Vienna