Dieter Herfert

Drums (Jazz & Popular Music)


  • Music University Graz 
  • Music University Vienna 
  • Diploma Degree at the Music and Arts Private University of the City of Vienna - Jazz (Walter Grassmann)

Work Experience (Live and Studio Productions)

  • 5 in love, Karin Kienberger, Freddie Bell, Hans Salomon, Hans Thessink, Big John, Big Jay Mac Neely, Harry Stojka, Johnny “Manhattan” Taylor, Meena Cryle, Drumatical Theatre, Albert Reifert Special, Carole Alston, Ines Reiger, Thomas Faulhammer, Bumi Fian, Hannibal Means, Monika Ballwein, Anita Horn, Juke Joint, Eddie Cole, Vision 84 (Rock Opera) …
  • Compositions and director for various percussion ensembles  
  • Composer and music director for the theatrical production Peer Gynt
  • Various jazz, pop, rock, latin, funk, soul, blues, R&B, reggae and world music groups and formations

CD Publications (Selected)

  • 5 in love, Karin Kienberger, Juke Joint, Albert Reifert Spezial, Alex Ehrenreich, Paul Zagler Organisation, Wiener Linien Blues Band, Drumatical Theatre

Teaching & Research

  • VHS Vienna
  • Music School Krems 
  • Music School Steinakirchen 
  • Music School Blindenmarkt
  • Music School Penzing 
  • Vienna Conservatory - Pop and Jazz Drums, rhythm, (since 1994)
  • JAM MUSIC LAB (since 2016)