Regina Himmelbauer

Recorder (Classical Music)


  • 2001-2005 Studies of Business Management at the FH Vienna, graduated with distinction (diploma thesis on quality management)
  • 1991-19931 Study of instrumental pedagogy (IGPII) with Rudolf Hofstötter, graduation (master's degree) with distinction
  • 1987-1991 Study of instrumental pedagogy (BI) with Rudolf Hofstötter, teaching certificate with distinction
  • 1989-1990 Study of sound engineering
  • 1983-1993 Study of music education (with focus on music science) and instrumental music education (AI, AII) at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Graduation with master's degree

Work Experience

  • International workshops for students of pedagogy and early music (e.g. in Finland, Norway, France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Romania)
  • Workshops for music, elementary and secondary school teachers (e.g. on the subject of "Baroque music for children")
  • Since 1993 teaching at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory (Eisenstadt): Head of a recorder class, lectures in music history and cultural studies, seminars on pedagogy (training of future music school teachers)

Teaching & Research

  • September 2016 - Inclusion in the list of experts by the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Coordination Body
  • 2015 - Artistic Research Project: Inégalité in French Baroque Music and in Jazz (cooperation with Wolfgang Wograndl; the participating students received the special prize "Most inventive programme concept - Nina Altenburger & Nicolas Fischer (Austria) for a combination of early and contemporary music with recorder and bass guitar" at the international competition ORDA (Amsterdam, 14-17.5.2017)
  • 2012-2015 - Establishment and coordination of the project "Music Class", a cooperation between the Joseph Haydn Conservatory and the Gymnasium Kurzwiese / Eisenstadt; development of pedagogical concepts involving teachers and students (see
  • since 2010 co-conception and organisation of the Burgenland Recorder Day in cooperation with the Burgenland Music School (2010-2015 with Franziska Forbecini, afterwards with Kerstin Zach)
  • 2009-2011 Co-conception and organisation of the Erasmus intensive programme "Haydn, the Progressive", awarded by ÖAD/Agency Lifelong Learning as well as DiVa "Good Practices for Dissemenination and Valorisation of Educational Projects" as a best practice model (organised by FH Johanneum)

Jury activities

  • Since 1999 member of the jury of the German Record Critics' Award in the field of children and youth recordings
  • Since 1996 he has again been invited to be a member of the recorder jury in the national competitions and in the final of the national competition "Prima la musica".