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Accordion world champion and professor Jovica Djordjevic becomes classical music lecturer at the AMP

With 17 notes in one second Jovica Djordjevic holds the world record on the accordion

Born in Serbia in 1973, Jovica began to play the accordion more seriously at the age of three and was soon called a child prodigy. After graduating from the music school "Davorin Jenko" in Belgrade (main subject accordion), piano as a main subject at the music school "Vatroslav Lisinski" and graduating from the class of V.V. Besfamiljnova at the Kiev Conservatory with a grade point average of "Very Good" in three instead of five years, Jovica went on to postgraduate studies at the National Academy PI Čajkovski in Kiev and in 1997 passed the Master's examination, which he also passed with Very Good. In the same year Jovica released his first album "Solo harmonica".

Djordjevic is described by internationally renowned music experts as 'a wizard on the accordion', who even holds a world record – 17 notes in one second on the accordion.

Since 2002 he has been living and working in Austria and in a very short time he and his students have achieved great successes and awards such as Prima la Musica, VAMÖ, Klingenthal, Castelfidardo, Morro d'Oro, Fisaarmie, Zvezdane staze and Paksi harmonica.

We are pleased to welcome this exceptional talent to our academy.


Authored on August 5th, 2020